My Jio Quiz Answer March 2021 : 20 GB Data(Updated)

         Hello Friends, do you know My Jio Quiz Answer is the 3rd hot topic of the year. First always Amazon Quiz and then Flipkart, now Jio Quiz. In the period of lockdown, Jio already launched their associate app, Pos Lite, for us to give a chance to earn money by staying home. 

         Jio has introduced a My Jio Quiz organized by Jio Engage. By answering Jio Lucky Draw Quiz you can get free data from Jio daily.

         Here we are going to help you by giving all the correct answers to this quiz. Join My Jio 10 GB Data quiz, Jio 20 GB Data quiz answer all correct questions, and chance to earn free 20 GB internet.

My Jio Quiz Answer for March 2021

My Jio Quiz Answer for February 2021


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Jio 20GB Data Quiz 22 March 2021

Q. What does a computer consists of?

Ans.- All of these

Q. Which part of the computer shares its name with an animal?

Ans.- Mouse

Q. Which technology is used for connectivity in wireless earphone devices?

Ans.- Bluetooth

Q. What does the Internet prefix WWW stand for?

Ans.- World Wide WEB

Result: 2nd April 2021

Contest Period: 22 March to 28th March

Prize: 20 GB Data for 5 Winners.


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My Jio Quiz Answer

Jio 20GB Data Quiz March 2021

Q. Who was the first women chief minister in India?

Ans.- Sucheta Kripalani

Q. What is present in the center of the Indian Flag?

Ans.- Ashoka Chakra

Q. Who is the current Prime Minister of India?

Ans.- Narendra Modi

Q. Who was popularly known as Netaji?

Ans.- Subhas Chandra Bose

Q. India lies in which continent?

Ans.- Asia

Q. Who was the first Indian astronaut to go to space?

Ans.- Rakesh Sharma

Q. Who is popularly known as the Iron Man of India?

Ans.- Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

Q. Who founded the Indian National Army?

Ans.- Subhas Chandra Bose✅ -1943 (Mohan Singh-1942)

Q. Which is the national river of India?

Ans.- Ganga

My Jio 10GB Data Quiz February 2021

Q. Which of the following is not an outdoor game?

Ans1.- Carrom

Result: 19th February 2021

Contest Period: 8th February to 14th February

Prize: 10 GB Data for 10 Winners.

My Jio 10GB Data Quiz February 2021

Q. What is the capital of India?


Result: 12th February 2021

Contest Period: 1st February to 7th February

Prize: 10 GB Data for 10 Winners.

My Jio Quiz Answer 14 May 2020

Jio Tata Salt IQL Quiz 14th May 2020 – English


Q1. Which media group was the first private network to broadcast over television?

Ans: Zee Group

Q2. Who was the First acting PM of India after the death of Jawaharlal Nehru?

Ans: Gulzarilal Nanda

Q3. Which 13th-century scholar is known as the “Parrot of India” (Tuti-e-Hind) and “father of Urdu literature”?

Ans: Amir Khusro

Q4. Humnava’ is the name of a group of artists who perform which of the following?

Ans: Qawaali

Q5. The walls of which of these sites are mostly pictorial versions of Jataka Tales?

Ans: Ajanta Caves

Q6. Which organisation was set up in 1920, and it became centralized in the year 1951 and Its job is to categorize something into 4 categories?

Ans: Central Board For Film Cerification

Q7. Who was the first CAG (Comptroller and Auditor General) of India? (1948-1954)

Ans: V Narhari Rao



Q8. Motley theatre company was started in 1979 by Benjamin Gillani and which other actor?

Ans: Nasseruddin Shah

Q9. Which Chief Justice of India also served as the acting president of India?

Ans: M Hidayatullah

Q10. Which Indian playwright is best known for an english language play called Tughlaq?

Ans: Girish Karnad

Jio Tata Salt IQL Quiz 13th May 2020 – English


Q1. Which Rohit Shetty film has a similar sounding name with a film by Hrishikesh Mukherjee, that was released in 1979?

Ans: Golmaal

Q2. Which of the following films was the first in sequence among the Apu Trilogy films?

Ans: Pather Panchali

Q3. Which long distance train category name translates to ‘non-stop’ in Bengali?

Ans: Durronto

Q4. The maximum mass of a stable white dwarf star was first discovered by which Indian scientist?

Ans: Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar

Q5. Which is the biggest, highest, and tallest dam in India?

Ans: Tehri Dam

Q6. Which annual thirteen-day Indian classical music festival is held in Ahmedabad since 1980?

Ans: Saptak

Q7. Found in abundance in the Himalayas, Kaiser – i – Hind is a type of which of these animals?

Ans: Butterfly



Q8. In 2010, which animal was declared as the National Heritage Animal of India by the Environment Ministry?

Ans: Elephant

Q9. Which of the following words is not found on the preamble to the constitution of India?

Ans: Legality

Q10. In 1965, who chanted ‘Jai Jawan Jai Kisaan’ for the first time while addressing a rally?

Ans: Lal Bahadur Shastri

Jio Tata Salt IQL Quiz 12th May 2020 – English


Q1. Although Nominated For Nine Filmfare Awards, Which 1975 Film Ended Up Winning Only One Award – M. S. Shinde For Best Editing?

Ans: Sholay

Q2. The Arravali Mountain Range Does Not Fall Under Which Of These States?

Ans: Gujarat

Q3. In 2017, Amitabh Bachchan & Which Actress Was Chosen As The New Brand Ambassadors For The Incredible India Campaign?

Ans: Priyanka Chopra

Q4. Mutua/Abhla Textile From Gujarat Primarily Uses Which Of These Decorative Items On Clothing?

Ans: Mirrors

Q5. Which School Of Art From Bihar Was The World’s First Independent School Of Painting Which Dealt Exclusively With The Commoner?

Ans: Patna Qalam

Q6. Which Indian State Is Known For Its Muga Silk Sarees That Are Handwoven With Gold And Silver Zari?

Ans: Assam

Q7. Which Town In Virudhunagar District Of Tamil Nadu Is Known For Its Firecracker Production?

Ans: Sivakasi



Q8. Which Coloured Cap Was Awarded To The Highest Run Scorer In The Indian Premier League?

Ans: Orange

Q9. Which Alternate Name For Lord Shiva Derives From The Fact That He Consumed The Poison Emanated During The Samudramanthan?

Ans: Neelkanth

Q10. Which Bank Was Set Up Based On The Recommendations Of The Hilton–Young Commission In 1935?

Ans: RBI

.Jio Tata Salt IQL Quiz 11th May 2020 – English


Q1. The President Of India Has Two Holiday Homes. One Of Them Is In Shimla, Where Is The Other Holiday Home?

Ans: Hyderabad

Q2. In 1980, Who Became The First Indian To Win The All England Open Badminton Championship?

Ans: Prakash Padukone

Q3. In 1872, Under Which British General Was The First Census Of India Conducted?

Ans: Lord Mayo

Q4. Which Year Is Known As The ‘Year Of The Great Divide’ In The Demographic History Of India?

Ans: 1921

Q5. Lok Sabha And Rajya Sabha Compete For The Raghuramaiah Cup. Which Sport Do The Teams Play?

Ans: Cricket

Q6. Omkara, Maqbool, And Haider Are Bollywood Movies Based On Works Of Which Playwright?

Ans: William Shakespeare

Q7. Who Is The Only Indian To Win The Abel Prize In Mathematics?

Ans: Shrinivas Vardan



Q8. Akhtari Bai Faizabadi Is A Legendary Gazal Artist. Which Name Do We Better Know Her By?

Ans: Beghum Akhtar

Q9. Akhtar Bai Faizabadi Is A Famous Ghazal Artist. By What Name Do We Know Him Better?

Ans: Begum Akhtar

Q10. Who Among The Following Became The First Minister Of Education In Independent India?

Ans: Maulana Abul Kalam Azad

Jio Tata Salt IQL Quiz 10th May 2020 – English


Q1. Which renowned industrialist, known by his eponymous company was a close confidante of MK Gandhi, calling him his 5th son?

Ans: Jamnalal Bajaj

Q2. Known as the Lake City, where would you find the iconic Pichola Lake in India?

Ans: Udaipur

Q3. Born in 1823 and credited with opening the 2nd textile mill in India, he was the first Indian to be appointed the President of Ahmedabad Municipality in 1885. Who is this, known as architect of modern Ahmedabad?

Ans: Ranchhodlal Chhotalal

Q4. First manufactured in 1954, and modelled after the Morris Oxford, this legendary car stopped production in 2014. What car?

Ans: Ambassador

Q5. Which Indian spinner has the nickname as ‘The Turbanator’?

Ans: Harbhajan Singh

Q6. Which traditional Indian game, similar to hopscotch, is played on a single foot?

Ans: Langdi

Q7. Which Indian musical instrument consists of a set of eighteen porcelain cups of varying sizes?

Ans: Jaltarangam



Q8. Which musical instrument was played by Lord Ganesha and Nandi to accompany Lord Shiva’s Tandava?

Ans: Mirdangam

Q9. Palden Thomgyul Namdyal was the last king of which of the following places?

Ans: Sikkim

Q10. How many members represent the State of Mizoram in the Upper House of the parliament of India?

Ans: 1


Jio Tata Salt IQL Quiz 9th May 2020 – English


Q1. Who was the First Indian to Make to the cover of Time Magazine?

Ans: Mahatma Gandhi

Q2. In which Indian jail would you find wards named after Sachin Tendulkar and Vinod Kambli?

Ans: Tihar Jail

Q3. Which of the following organisation’s logo was created by M S Sethi?

Ans: Election Commission Of India

Q4. Where was India’s first and only floating post office inaugurated in August 2011?

Ans: Srinagar

Q5. Born as Ramchandra Panduranga Yawalkar, which leader’s first name means ‘General’?

Ans: Tatya Tope

Q6. The Battle of Surat was fought in 1664 between Mughals and which other kingdom?

Ans: Marathas

Q7. Mahant Bharatdas Darshandas is the only voter from which location, for whom a special polling booth is setup during every election?

Ans: Banej



Q8. The famous battle of Kohima was fought in which year?

Ans: 1944

Q9. Born Mohan Makhijani, but famously known as MacMohan this hindi character actor passed away in 2010. What famous role did he play in the film Sholay?

Ans: Samba

Q10. If the British Government Honours for Hindus was Rao Bahadur, and for Sikhs was named Sardar Bahadur, what was the honor for Muslims and parsis called?

Ans: Khan Bahadur


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