Amazon Sony Alpha Mirrorless Camera Quiz : Great Indian Festival

Amazon Sony Alpha Mirrorless Camera Quiz, Amazon Great Indian festival Sony camera Quiz, Amazon Festive riddles sony alpha camera Quiz Answer – Hello Friends, answer this Amazon festive riddles Quiz 5 september 2020 and stand a chance to win Sony Mirrorless Camera.

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Amazon Sony Alpha Mirrorless Camera Quiz

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3. Open This (Linkto Open Quiz Banner Page, if The Link Not Work to You Then Open Amazon App Home Page and Search Quiz, then click Fun Zone Banner to See The Quiz Banner

Amazon Sony Alpha Mirrorless Camera Quiz

4. Now Choose the Amazon Today Quiz to Answer There’ll Be just One Question and You’ve got to Correct Give Answer to Get Chance for Win.


Check Question and Answers for Amazon Quiz Contest Toady from Below and Answer

Amazon Sony Alpha Mirrorless Camera Quiz – 5 Oct to 20 Oct | Today’s PRIZE – Sony Alpha Camera


Q1. What Begins With T Ends With T And Has T In It?

Ans.- R-A Tea Pot-T

Q2. What Has A Face And Two Hands But No Arms Or Legs?

Ans.- R-A Clock-T

Q3.  I Turn Everything But I Do Not Move. What Am I?

Ans.- R-Mirror-T

Q4. I Weigh Nothing, But You Can Still See Me. If You Put Me In A Bucket, I Make The Bucket Lighter. What Am I?

Ans.- R-A Hole-T

Q5. I Am Black When You Buy Me, Red When You Use Me And Gray When You Throw Me Away. What Am I?

Ans.- R-Charcoal-T

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Result: 25 Oct 2020.

Amazon Sony Quiz – 19 Aug to 26 Aug | Today’s PRIZE – Sony Camera

Q1. Who invented the first digital camera?

Q2. A flash is a device used in photography producing a flash of artificial light to help illuminate a scene.

Q3. Which of these are a known camera making brands?

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Q4. ____ is a mode of photography in which a person clicks a photo of oneself, typically taken with a smartphone.

Q5. ‘Photography’ comes from the Greek words PHOTOS and GRAPHOS. What does it mean?

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Result: 27 Aug 2020.

No of Winners : 1

All Terms & Conditions From Amazon:-


1. The competition held till 26 Aug from 19 Aug Today

2. You would like To check-in or check in on your Amazon Account

3. The competition is app-only so you’ll play this contest only on Amazon App.

4. There’ll be just one questions and you’ve got to correct that to urge an opportunity to win prizes.

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